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• As collagen and elastin production slows with age, the skin begins to sag and follow the pull of gravity. 
• The decrease in moisture in the skin
• Exposure to the sun and wind, pollution and poor diet.
• Rapid weight loss causes wrinkles, when fat is depleted from the face. Areas that were plump with fat tend to contract and form wrinkles. 
• Genetics play a large role in the development of wrinkles in the face. 
• Thick skin tends to remain wrinkle-free longer, while thin skin is more prone to wrinkling.
• Lifestyle plays a huge role in the development of wrinkles.Smoking and alcohol and drug abuse determine the extent and severity of the wrinkles.

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Melasma can fade on its own.This often happens when a trigger is causing the melasma, such as a pregnancy or birth control pills.When the woman delivers the baby or stops taking the birth control pills, melasma can fade.Some people, however, have melasma for years — or even a lifetime.If the melasma does not go away or a woman wants to keep taking birth control pills, melasma treatments are available. 
These include:

Hydroquinone: This medicine is a common first treatment for melasma. It is applied to the skin and works by lightening the skin. You will find hydroquinone in medicine that comes as a cream, lotion, gel, or liquid. You can get some of these without a prescription. These products contain less hydroquinone than a product that your doctor can prescribe.
Tretinoin and corticosteroids: To enhance skin lightening, your doctor may prescribe a second medicine. This medicine may be tretinoin or a corticosteroid. Sometimes a medicine contains 3 medicines (hydroquinone, tretinoin, and …


Who gets melasma?

Melasma appears on women’s skin much more often than men’s skin. Just 10% of people who get melasma are men.
People with darker skin, such as those of Latin/Hispanic, North African, African-American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean descent are more likely to get melasma. People who have a blood relative who had melasma also are much more likely to get melasma.

What causes melasma?
What causes melasma is not yet clear. It likely occurs when the color-making cells in the skin (melanocytes) produce too much color. People with skin of color are more prone to melasma because they have more active melanocytes than those with light skin. 

Common melasma causes (what starts it) include:

Sun exposure: Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun stimulates the melanocytes. In fact, just a small amount of sun exposure can make melasma return after fading. Sun exposure is why melasma often is worse in summer. It also is the main reason why many people with melasma get it agai…


IPL(Intensed Pulse Light) is used to remove skin pigmentations like age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, sun freckles.
• Almost everyone has a pigmented lesion of some type. 
• These areas of the skin contain especially high concentrations of melanin and are      caused by an excess of pigment  due to sun exposure or aging 
• Pigmented lesions vary widely in size, shape and depth.
• Some are as small as a fingertip, while others may be as large as a hand 
• They can occur in places such as the face, neck or arms.
• They can be either raised or flat and are usually a cosmetic rather than a medical concern. 
• However, certain moles or "sun spots" can be precancerous; removing these lesions is medically necessary.


IPL technology allows the physician to select the wavelength and parameters appropriate to the specific type of pigmented lesion, depth and location.

• During treatment, the IPL; wavelength is optimized so that the energy is absorbed only by the unwanted melanin, rai…