With age (as early as mid 30s) the face starts losing its fresh and youthful look and slowly the person starts looking old and unattractive.

REASON: Skin starts losing its elasticity because the rate of regeneration of the cells responsible for maintaining  skin elasticity( the collagen and elasting fibers) becomes slow,skin muscles starts  becoming week, fatigued and loose. This also leads to accumulation of unwanted fat under the skin and muscles.

Face becomes wrinkled (loose skin), sagging (loose,fatigued, atrophic muscles), fat (as the person generally gains weight with age) 

In our clinic we work on all the three root factors i.e, the fat,the skin and the muscles, correcting them all in one session ,thus providing the patient desired instant youthful appearance 

Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Removing the unnecessary fat with ultrasound lipolysis
In this process we send ultrasound waves under the skin through a probe for around 20 minutes which attacks all the accumulated fat cells bursts them and releases all fat contents which is then drained out of the body through lymphatic drainage. 

Thus the unwanted fat is removed. So the face now starts looking leaner.

Step 2: Tightening the sagging skin through regeneration of collagen and elasting fibers through radiorequency.
In this process we use another probe which passes radiofrequency to the skin layers for 20 min stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers which instantly tightens the loose and sagging skin.
Thus the face looks tight and youthful instantly

STEP 3: tightening the loose and atrophic muscles
In this process we use electric muscle stimulator for 20 min which stimulates the loose and week muscles and acts as a face work out making the musles stronger and tauter.
All these three proedures combined gives back the patient their lost youthful facial appearance.
DURATION OF PROCEDURE : approx.1 and a half hours.
NUMBER OF SITTINGS INVOLVED:approx. 3 to 4(depending on the age and skin of the patient)

1) Non surgical , so no risks of surgery involved
    (which involves general anesthesia, swelling, surgical scar, hospital stay)
2) Completely painless(no anesthesia required)
3) Cost effective( saves lot of money and time when compared to surgical face lift)
4) Completely safe and healthy
5) Lunch hour procedure

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