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At C&S Cosmetic surgery Clinic ,we believe there is no vanity in wanting to look more attractive. It is all about being the best version of yourself. Dr. Chetna Singh will personally assess your facial structure and listen to your concerns. She will then tailor a treatment plan to suit your individual needs. By using her technical skills and her artistic judgment. She can get you the results you desire. This technique allows repositioning of the brow, temple, cheek, jowl and neck (brow lift, cheek lift, face lift and neck lift). 
What can a suture lift treat? A suture lift can help address some of the major features of facial aging. As we age; gravity takes over and sagging cheeks, drooping eyebrows and the development of jowls can be seen. A suture lift can be used to move the cheek pads back up to their original position, relocate sagging eyebrows or to lift hanging jowls and tighten the jaw line. A suture lift is most useful in relatively younger people where there is only limite…