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             No more painful eyebrows threading!!        Get permanently shaped eyebrows with laser!! Tired of painful threading of eyebrows?? ·This one’s for you then!! ·A much better and permanent cure for shaping your eyebrows is laser hair    removal · Most people are skeptical about using lasers to shape their eyebrows as they are rather uncomfortable about having a laser pointed to their eyes. ·They fear the possibility of their eyes getting damaged in the process. ·The truth is that laser hair removal is certified to be safe to use even in the eyebrow region by the FDA. ·The procedure has been around for more than ten years, after twenty years of testing. ·At the start of the process, the doctor will apply some cream to the eyebrows to cool the laser before touching your skin. This helps in controlling burning and swelling after shaping the eyebrows, which disappears within a few minutes of the treatment. ·For additional safety, the technician will give you protective goggles to prote…
Lifestyle Tips to Remove Brown Patches on Your Face When you start noticing brown patches on your face, you might think that covering them up with foundation is the only way to throw them shade, but this is not the case. There are actually pretty simple lifestyle tips you can follow that willrenew your skinand get rid of pigmentation.  Contrary to popular belief, you sometimes need to doless to achieve results so keep it simple.
Here’s to a vibrant complexion!
Get Out of the Sun!
One of the most important lifestyle changes to treat pigmentation and prevent it from getting worse is to stay out of the sun. Damaging UV exposure is one of themain causes of pigmentationbecause the rays stimulate melanocytes that produce pigment.
Check Your Meds!
If you are on medication, sometimes this can have the side-effect of pigmentation. A common example is contraception, which increases your estrogen and progesterone hormones to prevent pregnancy from occurring, but the downside is that thesehormones can …


KOJIC ACID - TREATMENT FOR DARK SPOTS, PIGMENTATION,ACNE ·If you ever get curious about the active ingredients inskin lightening creams, you will find that Kojic acid is commonly used as a skin whitening or depigmentating  agent in concentrations of 1%. ·It is commonly used in leave-on creams, anti-aging creams and lotions, around-eye creams, facial cleansers, which are generally applied to the face. ·Can also be used in body moisturizers and sunscreens. ·Because so many people are suffering from melasma, I figured I would offer you more information on an ingredient that’s known to treat it more effectively than hydroquinone. ·We’ll also understand the Kojic Acid structure, as well as the relation between Kojic Acid and melasma. KOJIC ACID STRUCTURE ·Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice, ·Inhibits the conversion of tyrosine to melanin.
KOJIC ACID IN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS· Kojic acid in skin care products has the main purpose  to treat hyperpigmentation, which o…

Benefits of Skin Whitening Injection ·For skin whitening and detoxification using compounded Vitamin C and glutathione medications via intravenous infusion. ·Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is essential for the formation and stabilization of collagen and elastin. ·Vitamin C also has skin clarifying properties. ·Glutathione is a natural liver enzyme that the liver needs for breaking down toxins. ·With succession of treatment, skin whitening injections will make your skin brighter and clearer. ·You might also get a secondary effect with energy and immune system boosting from this treatment due to detoxification. What Skin Whitening Injections Do?  ·These injections result in a whiter skin while removing all kinds of skin blemishes like scars and pigmentation marks. · They improve the texture of the skin by making them more supple and moisturized. ·Overall you will see a better and glowing skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. ·Skin Whitening Injections may solve most i…

Derma roller treatment helps in treating acne scars, anti-aging, decreasing stretch marks and treating hair loss. The result of derma roller treatment is promised as flawless skin.

WHAT IS DERMA ROLLER TREATMENT ·In this treatment, hundreds of micro needles that are present on the surface of the roller are used to stimulate the surface of the skin. ·The roller is moved up and down on all parts of the skin on the face or the affected area. The needles result in formation of many tiny injuries on the skin. ·In order to heal the injuries, the skin starts producing excess collagen. · It is a form of artificially boosting the collagen production in the skin.
HOW IT WORKS üAs a result of the excess collagen, the skin automatically looks plumped up in that area. This helps in erasing fine lines and filling up scars. üThe poking action from the needle also improves the blood circulation in the skin. It makes the skin glow. ü The treatment also opens up the pores of…

Instant treatment of Dark circles or bags under eyes through dermal fillers

Instant treatment of Dark circles or bags under eyes through dermal fillers
What causes dark circles under eyes?  Dark circles under eyes are usually caused by hollowing in the "tear trough" zone due to volume loss caused by loss of fat in this area. This is usually due to age but can be present in much younger people who are genetically predisposed.
 Dermal Filler treatment for under eye circles. By adding volume back into the troughs and upper cheeks, the "valleys" can be filled in to smooth out these negative contours,  eliminating the dark colour and shadowing, and erasing the tired look. 
How long will dermal filler under the eyes last?  Typically results can last up to 12-18 months, and I have seen many cases lasting well beyond 2 years.
How is the treatment done and will it hurt? The treatment is done under local anaesthetic, and once anaesthetised, is completely painless.
What does these filler contain? These fillers contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a type …


If you're one of the millions of people with unsightly stretch marks, you are not alone. 70% of teenage girls and 40% of teenage boys develop stretch marks by the time they reach adulthood, 75% to 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy.
Luckily, there are just as many ways to get rid of stretch marks as there are ways to get them. The type of treatment that works best for you will depend on several factors, including your body type and how long you've had them.

The most drastic way to eliminate stretch marks is with plastic surgery.A surgeon pulls the loose skin taut, making your stretch marks disappear. Keep in mind that this is a medical procedure and carries the risks associated with any surgery.This is also an expensive procedure.

Laser treatment is another drastic way to eliminate stretch marks. The ideal patient has pale skin with red or purple stretch marks, as the contrast makes it easier for the laser to lock on.



IPL (intensed pulse light) is used to remove skin pigmentations like age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, sun freckles.

• Almost everyone has a pigmented lesion of some type. 
• These areas of the skin contain especially high concentrations of melanin and are caused by an excess of pigment  due to sun exposure or aging 
• Pigmented lesions vary widely in size, shape and depth.
• Some are as small as a fingertip, while others may be as large as a hand 
• They can occur in places such as the face, neck or arms.
• They can be either raised or flat and are usually a cosmetic rather than a medical concern. 
• However, certain moles or "sun spots" can be precancerous; removing these lesions is medically necessary.


IPL technology allows the physician to select the wavelength and parameters appropriate to the specific type of pigmented lesion, depth and location.

• During treatment, the IPL; wavelength is optimized so that the energy is absorbed only by   the unwanted melanin, raisi…