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             No more painful eyebrows threading!!        Get permanently shaped eyebrows with laser!! Tired of painful threading of eyebrows?? ·This one’s for you then!! ·A much better and permanent cure for shaping your eyebrows is laser hair    removal · Most people are skeptical about using lasers to shape their eyebrows as they are rather uncomfortable about having a laser pointed to their eyes. ·They fear the possibility of their eyes getting damaged in the process. ·The truth is that laser hair removal is certified to be safe to use even in the eyebrow region by the FDA. ·The procedure has been around for more than ten years, after twenty years of testing. ·At the start of the process, the doctor will apply some cream to the eyebrows to cool the laser before touching your skin. This helps in controlling burning and swelling after shaping the eyebrows, which disappears within a few minutes of the treatment. ·For additional safety, the technician will give you protective goggles to prote…
Lifestyle Tips to Remove Brown Patches on Your Face When you start noticing brown patches on your face, you might think that covering them up with foundation is the only way to throw them shade, but this is not the case. There are actually pretty simple lifestyle tips you can follow that willrenew your skinand get rid of pigmentation.  Contrary to popular belief, you sometimes need to doless to achieve results so keep it simple.
Here’s to a vibrant complexion!
Get Out of the Sun!
One of the most important lifestyle changes to treat pigmentation and prevent it from getting worse is to stay out of the sun. Damaging UV exposure is one of themain causes of pigmentationbecause the rays stimulate melanocytes that produce pigment.
Check Your Meds!
If you are on medication, sometimes this can have the side-effect of pigmentation. A common example is contraception, which increases your estrogen and progesterone hormones to prevent pregnancy from occurring, but the downside is that thesehormones can …