Lifestyle Tips to Remove Brown Patches on Your Face
When you start noticing brown patches on your face, you might think that covering them up with foundation is the only way to throw them shade, but this is not the case.
There are actually pretty simple lifestyle tips you can follow that will renew your skin and get rid of pigmentation.
 Contrary to popular belief, you sometimes need to do less to achieve results so keep it simple.

Here’s to a vibrant complexion!

Get Out of the Sun!

One of the most important lifestyle changes to treat pigmentation and prevent it from getting worse is to stay out of the sun. Damaging UV exposure is one of the main causes of pigmentation because the rays stimulate melanocytes that produce pigment.

Check Your Meds!

If you are on medication, sometimes this can have the side-effect of pigmentation. A common example is contraception, which increases your estrogen and progesterone hormones to prevent pregnancy from occurring, but the downside is that these hormones can lead to skin issues such as discoloration on your face.
Speaking to your doctor about medication you’re on and changing them can help the brown patches on your face.
 Often, once you are off the medication, the patches go away on their own.

Change Your Beauty Products

·         Harsh or chemical-infused products can either cause new types of irritation (such as redness or dryness), or just exacerbate the pigmentation you already have!
·         Switch to natural products.An example of a natural beauty ingredient that alleviates pigmentation is coconut oil. It helps to remove dead skin from the surface so that fresh, pigment-free cells underneath can be on display.
·           It also is said to make the underlying skin tissue stronger. These are often under attack from various factors, such as free radicals, sun exposure, and ageing. By keeping this tissue resilient with coconut oil, you can make your skin more youthful while gently eliminating pigmentation that is making your skin look older than its years.
You can find coconut oil in various natural skin whitening products.

Beat Vitamin Deficiencies
If your diet is not filled with a large variety of vitamins, this can cause your skin to react in such a way that melanin production becomes disrupted. Vitamin A and C are especially important to regulate your skin, so you want to add more of these to your daily diet.

De-Stress Your Skin
Stress has many damaging effects on your skin. For instance, it can cause your hormones to be thrown out of whack, which can lead to pigmentation. Therefore, it’s good to try to eliminate it as much as possible from your life while boosting your relaxation.
Simply turn your daily skin routines into a pampering occasion. When applying your skin whitening creams, take the time to massage them lovingly into your skin.
 This ensures that they are properly absorbed while also allowing you to achieve relaxing effects.

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