The French Way to Lose Weight

·         It should come as no surprise that France, has come up with a way to give us the svelte, sexy bodies we crave.
·         The French-imported medical technique that's all the buzz these days is called mesotherapy.
·          Developed in 1952 in France by Dr. Michel Pistor, originally for the treatment of vascular and infectious diseases, sports injuries, and the improvement of circulation.
·         TECHNIQUE- It involves the injection of small amounts of various medications into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin.
·         THEORY-The theory is that when these small amounts of medication are injected into the mesoderm, underlying fat is melted.
                                        "the results are spectacular."
·         Mesotherapy can be used to treat everyone, from obese people who need treatment on the trunk, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.
·          As well as those who are generally thin but frustrated at dealing with stubborn fatty areas such as saddlebags or love handles.
·          After the fat is melted, it is naturally excreted.
·          A noninvasive technique of treating cellulite, mesotherapy is permanent, provided the patient doesn't gain the weight back.
·         Some patients report seeing results after only the first treatment, but the majority report losing a dress size or belt notches after approximately four treatments.
·         For weight loss 5 to 10 sessions are recommended; the number of injections at each session varies, from 50 to 150.
·         Because the injections are given with a chemical injector or "meso-gun" using a very tiny needle, patients generally report feeling no more sensation than an ant bite.
·          "In the long run, it's significantly less than the price of liposuction."
·         The compounds injected  generally include a combination of medications such as aminophylline and Novocain and plant extracts and vitamins.
·         The compounds injected are all FDA-approved for their original use.

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